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ideCAD Architectural 7

Intelligent building models with 3D objects
All construction components in ideCAD Architectural are generated in three-dimensional form. Views, sections and perspectives can be created from floor plans with a single mouse-click. Like with the whole project, you can even walk through the sectioned three-dimensional model.

To modify your project, you can work in floor plan, section, view or perspective mode. All your modifications are displayed in every other window immediately. Imagine being able to use your time working so much more effectively in this way. You avoid making mistakes and no longer need to make time-consuming manual updates. Specify a single intersection line and you can generate any number of sections and views while taking advantage of the incomparable benefits of simple to perform three-dimensional tasking.

ideCAD Architectural works with architectural and static components such as walls, columns, beams, stairways, roofs, ceilings etc. Adapt objects with parametrisable properties to modifications in your design with ease. For instance, automatically adapt a door to the opening in a wall into which it is built. Meaning that you don't need to make any manual adjustments when making placements.

The fact that the objects are intelligent and linked to one another allows them to react automatically to modifications in the project. Adjusting walls, columns, beams, windows and doors by shifting an axis provides you with a totally new method of working.

The intelligent Objects in ideCAD Architectural enable maximum savings in time. Making last minute changes is child's play as well. And you are not forced to start over again. In fact, you can even make last minute changes to the project while travelling to make your presentation.
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