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ideCAD Render in Detail
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ideCAD Render 7

ideCAD Render in Detail
Depth effect/..... Zone shading/..... Objects can glow, shine, reflect or appear as transparent/..... compatibility with ideCAD Architectural/..... Sophisticated visualizations and presentations/..... Photorealistic renderings and animations/..... Walk through the model of your building/..... Data exchange with other modeling programs/..... Render with raytrace and radiosity, photorealistic rendering

Photorealistic sections/..... Reflection and refraction effects/..... Filterable bicubic and SAT (Summed Area Table) textures/..... Three-dimensional tasking/..... Previews for visual control/..... Textured surfaces/..... Point, spot and directional lights/..... Material with opacity, bump, reflections and other maps

Compatibility with DWG, 3DS, DXF, VRML and REN formats/..... OpenGL support/..... Antialiasing/..... Extendible material library/..... Real-time animation, global exposure, shadow effects and ambients/..... User-defined color, mirror, transparency and refraction effects.
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