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Dynamic designs with ideCAD ODT objects
The ideCAD ODT studio (Object Design Tools) provides a full range of parametric objects and tools for modifying and generating new objects. The use of new and existing objects along with an unlimited potential for modifying numerous parameters simplifies and accelerates the design process. The user interface you work in here also displays each task in floor plan, view or perspective mode.

Intelligent stairways
ideCAD provides you with a wide variety of stairways and design types to choose from. Enter various parameters to modify the design type, platforms, wings, hand-rails, stairrail struts and much more. And since ideCAD is capable of calculating rise and occurrence automatically, modeling can take place simply and quickly. The geometry of stairwings and platforms can be quickly and precisely adjusted by shifting nodes.

Intelligent doors and windows
In ideCAD Architectural, diagonals, polygonals or doors and windows featuring detailed moldings can be generated simply and easily and fitted into walls and ceilings. Object properties such as width, height, rise, materials and much more can be modified freely.

Intelligent roof constructions
ideCAD Architectural generates all forms of roof. Window can be positioned simply and easily and chimneys generated. Purlines, rafters, hip rafters, posts, braces, trimming joists, battens and roof openings are positioned with ease. Each individual area of the foor can have specific properties allocated to it, such as a gradient or various materials. Domes and arches featuring any type of cross-section are also easy.

Terrain modeling and landscapes
The module "3D Terrain Modeling" lets you model the surroundings of your design in a true-to-nature manner by entering contour lines or points in the plan, view or perspective. With a single mouse-click you can generate plateaus for the construction plot that correct inequalities in level and automatically adapt the surrounding terrain to the borders of the plateau. As always, the model can be represented in the form of a wireframe-graphic with hidden lines or textures.

Hundreds of free library elements
The comprehensive 3D object library in ideCAD Architectural gives you the power to produce professional results. The objects in the library are clearly categorized into various areas.
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