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Conclusive planning thanks to IDS
IDS technology provides architects with a platform for cooperating with structural engineers while dispensing with classical time-consuming and error-intensive methods of working. Working with real components instead of lines and circles simplifies the work of architects in an essential manner.

How does IDS work?
With IDS you do not design a virtual model of your building - you design the building itself. ideCAD Architectural and ideCAD Structural use the same building components. The use of real components such as walls, columns, beams, foundations, stairways, ceilings etc. in conjunction with corresponding specific parameters allows the continual bi-directional modification of your building by architects and structural engineers using just one file without wasting any time. The integration of visualization features per single mouse-click allows you to create renderings and animations quickly and easily. The joint data model for both architectural and static work allows updates to be carried out automatically by each individual team member. Making sure that multiple entries and errors are avoided.

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