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Design Live
ideCAD Architectural's user-definable interface allows you do adapt it to your working habits to make your job so much more relaxing and efficient. During the design stage you can check even the smallest of details on a 1:1 basis without having to worry about mistakes creeping into your work.

It is not just possible to work in floor plan, view or perspective mode in ideCAD Architectural. You can also position a section at any point and work in this. Any modification made in the section effects an automatic update in all other windows - and vice-versa. You can generate an unlimited number of perspectives and create plan layouts quickly and easily.

Simplify the design process
Turning your design into reality is as easy as playing with building blocks with ideCAD Architectural. You work with real storeys, discover eventual errors early on, make sketches on the touchscreen as is you were using paper and dimensionings behave associatively though their being linked to other objects. In fact, you will quickly discover that many elements and features are linked. Quantity determinations are carried out automatically. Two and three-dimensional renderings and animations can be created without problem.

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