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Frequently asked questions to our technical support team can be found in this section.

Does the trial version have an expiry date?

The Trial version expires after 14 days.


What is the difference between the trial and licensed versions?

You cannot hard print reports and drawings in the trial.

What are the desktop computer system requirements?

System Requirements

Toolbar disappeared, how can I get it back?

In the clasical toolbar menu if you click on with the right click of the mouse you will get it back. Click on the toolbars that you want to get it back and from there you can open or close them. If you are using Ribbon menu type, you should first go to the general settings and close the "Ribbon Menu" and then reopen the software, by this toolbar will be appeared. If you right click on any points of the toolbar you can get the full list of it, and you can easily close or open them.

Image on the 3D screen is distorted and blackened. How can I fix it?

Learn about your computer's display card model and download the latest drivers from the Internet to update the display card driver. Typically, laptops have two low and high processor graphics cards. Low processor video cards are insufficient. Always run the program with a high processor card.

What Windows Versions ideCAD works?

ideCAD works on all the versions of Windows 7 and higher with 64 bits.

How to change Ribbon menu to the Classical menu?

Remove the Ribbon menu from the Settings/General Settings and restart the software.

Is there a 32 bit version of ideCAD 10?

Version 10 requires a 64 bit operating system, whereas 32 bit operating system is not supported. 

Can I save the project in Trial version?

Yes you can.

Can I open the saved project from the trial in the licensed version?

Projects that have been saved in the trial version cannot be opened in the licensed one. 

Can I print the file from trial version?

No you can't. 

Can I export DWG files from trial version?

No you can't. 

Does trial version have an expiry date?

The trial version expires after 14 days from the activation date.

How can I get faster screen movements?

If your computer has an onboard graphics card, such graphics cards will not operate on ideCAD properly. We recommend using a computer with an external video card. In some cases, the graphics card may have a driver problem. Download and install the latest drivers for your video card from the Internet. Typically, laptops have two graphics cards that works on low and high processors. Low processor video cards are insufficient, run the program with a high processor card.


Can I open the project in the old versions?

You can transfer your project to the old version with command of save projects in old versions. However, in version 8 there is separable objects feature which is different than previous versions, you should double check the projects. 


Lost the coordinate box? How do I get it back?

Click on any button if you are working in a classic menu, or right-click on the toolbar on the left if you are working in a ribbon menu. Select the coordinate box from the drop-down menu


How do I rotate the structure?

You can rotate your structure at any angle using the rotate structure command under the modify menu.

How do I open a report without ideCAD?

After obtaining the report, select the file by clicking on "Save Differently". In the save section select the pdf document, and when you give the file name, you will save the report as pdf.


I cannot save the report as pdf, how can I do?

The problem might be in the fonts. In the ideCAD report, change all the five font types into the "Arial".

Encountered an improper argument warning, what should I do?

This warning is caused by a Turkish character problem. You must edit your computer's language and region settings in Turkish. If this warning appears when your settings are in English, you must first select a different language and country and restart your computer. It will then fix the problem if you restart again by selecting the Turkish and Turkey.

I have a single lock, can I work on multiple computers?

You cannot work at the same time, you can just work with a computer that lock is installed.

The DWG export pen color settings did not appear, how do I get it?

When exporting DWG in ideCAD, another file with the CTB extension is created, this file contains color and pen thickness settings. In order to have pen settings in the print-out, in the AutoCAD File menu click on "Plot Style Manager" command and copy the CTB file into it. In order to print, use the "Plot" command in the File menu and select the name for the file in the "Plot Style Table". 


I have a license for version 8, how do I get version 10?

You need to make renewal of the license, please contact to the sales office. 

I formatted the computer, where can I find program installations?

The program isn't working, shows dll error, how can I fix?

For the 7.022 version install the Visual C++ Redistribute Packages for Visual Studio 2013, whereas for versions 8.62 and 10 install the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2017 both in 32 and 64 bits. You can downloads the packages from the Microsoft website. 


Can't setup the program?

The installation file may be interruped while downloading, so download the setup file and try again.

Incompatible file version error, how do I fix it?

The project you are trying to open has been done in upgraded version. Update the program you are using and try opening the project again.

How do I reset the program settings?

Run the program by pressing Ctrl + Shift, continue pressing Ctrl + Shift until a message appears that says record and input settings are cleared. Click OK to continue, and the program will open with the settings that are reset.

The project was closed while working, how do I get it back?

If the "Automatic Saving" feature is active in the general settings, periodical backup of the project is taken. In the project menu click on the open, and choose the "Backup Project Files (*.bak)". You can open last saved project by double clicking on it. 

How do I get backup file of the project?

If the "Automatic Saving" feature is active in the general settings, periodical backup of the project is taken. You can click on the project menu "Save Differently" command and obtain backup file of the project. 

Can I use the software in Turkish?

You need to install the English version of the program, both English and Turkish versions can be installed on the same computer. You can find the Turkish version on the in the download section.

Can I open the Autocad files and use them as sketch on background?

DWG drawing files can be used by choosing the "DWG/DXF –2B" in the import section of the ideCAD. 

How can I access the program documentation and usage information?

One Software to replace them all

The drawings that I import from AutoCAD appear too large / small on the screen, why is that?

The unit selected in the AutoCAD may differ from the unit being worked. The scale of the imported drawing can be checked with the “Distance” command. In the ideCAD, drawings to be used as a base should be on a scale of one-to-one, If there is a difference in scale, the drawing can be scaled back to 1/1 scale with a ”Scale (Reference)” command.


The elements created on the file that was imported from AutoCAD are not shown in the 3D window, why is that?

The drawings made in the AutoCAD are probably too far from the point of origin. Select the entire drawing you imported and click on the "Move" command. in which you can give the bottom left corner of the drawing as the base point. Then use the coordinate box to move your drawing to (0;0) points. Now you can also see your data in the perspective window when you follow these steps.

Neither the project nor the object in the plan is not appearing in the perspective?

The perspective may not appear on the screen if the drawing shown in the plan is too far from the origin (0,0) points. Move all drawings to (0,0) using the "Move" command. Press the “Home" in the perspective view and then move the camera angle and position close to the origin.

When I select the non-scan option in the scanning, the objects in the output is still scanned?

Switch to the drawing details tab in the story settings section, turn off the scan option for the corresponding object.

When I run the program, I get the message “api-ms-win-crt-rutime-l1-1-0dll" is missing from your computer and the program does not work, how do I run it?

You need to perform Windows updates, the following windows link will help you 

When I click to open the program, I get the error that stops the software suddenly, although I uninstalled and reinstalled the program, error keeps going, what should I do?

Run the program by pressing Ctrl + Shift, continue pressing Ctrl + Shift until you see a message that the record and input settings are cleared. Click OK to continue, now the program will work without an error.

I worked with white background template, how can I activate black background template?

From the ideCAD menu, click “New”, then Open a new project by double-clicking the color template you want to use. From the ideCAD menu click "Open", and in the project dialog select the "Apply active pen and color" option. When you will open your project, the pen and color settings will be changed according to the template settings you select.





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