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Building information modeling software for architecture, structural analysis, design, seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings, visualization and drawings


Founded in 1988, ideYAPI inc. has been devoloping software technologies for building information modeling for the architecture, structural and eartquake engineering. The company that provides services with offices in Istanbul, Bursa and Hannover (Germany), develops technologies that enable architects and structural engineers to quickly implement their idea.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

ideCAD, including integrated architectural and structural (reinforced concrete and structural steel) software, shortens the project time with the product that allows different disciplines to work under the same infrastructure, with the oppurtunity to create, review and edit the project together. While the changes made by different disciplines are revised within the same building information model, efficiency increases

Products & Solutions

Untitled-1 ideCAD Architectural

Developed for designing comprehensive project with different concepts, ideCAD Architecture is a powerful building information modeling software that will meet all architectural requirements with its structure that allows both architectural drawings and rendering and animations.

idecad_celik ideCAD Structural

ideCAD is a comprehensive package of building information modeling solutions specially developed for analysis model with finite element method, designing reinforced concrete and steel structure with different regulations, performance evaluation, seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings and drawing.

idecad_betonarme ideCAD BİM

Through Building Information Modeling, which allow to data exchange, compatibility between ideCAD Architectural and ideCAD Structural is ensured.


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