Legal Notice

Your Personal Data Is Protected!

Our dear users,

We respect and care about the privacy of your personal life.

Therefore, we would like to inform you of your rights regarding the use and protection of your personal data under applicable law* in order to protect your fundamental rights and freedoms.

General Law Coverage

We are referred to as "Data Officer" as ideYAPI A.Ş. in the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698. Under the law, data processing means that personal data is fully or partially automated or not automated, provided that we obtain, save, store, update your personal data, our classification refers to any action taken on data on issues such as sharing or transferring to third parties permitted by law.

Why and What Do We Use Your Personal Data For? **

To register your identity, address and other necessary information in order to identify your information within the framework of the products you use,

to provide the products and services you request in accordance with your needs,

To communicate important information that we need to share with you through your contact information,

To arrange all the necessary records and documents to complete your transactions on paper, in words or electronic environments,

To plan and implement specific product/service/offer activities, to carry out product, service, working model offers, to conduct market research;

Planning, supervising and implementing our corporate sustainability, corporate governance, strategic planning and information security processes,

to fulfill our administrative, legal obligations and the requirements of the contracts we have signed with you.

Who Do We Share Your Personal Data With?

ideYAPI AŞ. will not share such information with any third party, institution or organization unless it is without the consent of the customers or under legal obligation.

Where Can We Access Your Personal Data?

Your personal data may be collected in words, written or electronic media via our website or phone call.

What are your rights under the Law?

You can contact our company at any time to ensure that your personal data;

Find out if it has been processed, if it is processed, if it is used in accordance with its purpose and purpose, and if it is processed, it may ask for information on this subject,

In accordance with the Law, you may find out third parties where your information is shared at home and abroad.

If you think your information has been incomplete or mishandled, it may ask for it to be corrected,

Article 7 of the Law. may request the deletion or destruction of your information within the framework of the terms set forth in article 5,

Ask the third parties to whom your information has been transferred to (c) and (d) to notify your requests and take the same actions,

In order to benefit from your rights under the law, you can submit your applications to our company in writing and visit the Website of the Personal Data Protection Authority for detailed information.

We wish you a good day.

*Personal Data Protection Act no. 6698 ("KVKK")

** If there are any changes to the personal data inventory operation, our company will update this information.





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