Automated Structural Load with Architectural BIM

Structural load automatically generated from Architectural BIM

ideCAD Structural includes integrated Architectural Structural automated load workflows. Different disciplines work together with the same Architectural BIM Model to create, edit, analyze, and design.


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BIM Software for Structural Engineering


Structural load is automatically assigned using the architectural Bim model for slabs and beams.

Structural Analytical Model

Dynamically update Architectural and Structural analytical models

ideCAD One automatically generates an analytical model from your physical model. Increase the reliability and accuracy of your model with seamless, bi-directional integration between Structural and Architectural BIM Models.


Structural Load


You can apply additional structural load assign if needed besides the automated architectural load.

Point, Line, and Area Loads


Applying user-defined point, line, and area loads to building objects in just one click

Seismic Loading


ideCAD Automatically generates and applies seismic load. First, you select a seismic code, then the Seismic Load Pattern form is populated with default values and settings that may be reviewed and edited.

Displacement Loading


Displacement loading represents the effect of support or other node displacements on the Building.

Temperature Loading


T1 and T2 temperature loads can be added to the load case for designing the structure.

Automatic Load Combinations


ideCAD Automatically generates load combinations. First, you select a code, then the Load combinations are created automatically.

Manual Load Combinations


You can define extra additional manual combinations if needed.

Architecture Software

ideCAD Architectural is a multidisciplinary, collaborative Architectural Design Bim Software for better workflows.

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Structural Engineering Software

ideCAD Structural is a multidisciplinary, collaborative Structural Engineering Design Bim Software for better workflows.

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ideCAD is a multidisciplinary, collaborative Construction Document Bim Software for better workflows.

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Building Information Modeling Bim Software


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