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ideCAD Structural Bim Software is the first and only end-to-end All-in-One Structural Bim Solutions for Architecture, Structural Engineering, and Construction Collaboration.


ideCAD is the Leading BIM Software for Structural Engineers and All-in-One Structural Bim


ideCAD Structural Bim helps you make more informed design decisions, automates construction drawings, and produces more accurate constructible designs.


Download and Learn how Structural Bim delivers optimized, coordinated architectural designs and structural detailing faster.


All-in-One Structural Bim

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Bim for Structural Engineers


BIM helps structural engineers deliver better coordinated, optimized structural designs and construction drawing faster

Concrete Structures

Structures with rigid, semi-rigid, and without rigid diaphragm analysis can be done. High Rise reinforced concrete structures, industrial structures, tunnel form systems, and ribbed and waffle systems with A2 and A3 irregularities can be analyzed.

Steel Structures

Highrise buildings, industrial buildings (including multiple halls, mezzanine floors, crane systems and etc.), canopy structures, sports facilities, stadiums, pedestrian overpass structures and many more can be analyzed.

Composite Structures

Structures with concrete shear wall cores and steel frames, steel roof structures, reinforced concrete structures with steel framed upper stories, steel-concrete composite beams can be analyzed. 

One Bim Modeling

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Architectural Modeling, Structural Steel Building Modeling, Steel Connection Modeling, Concrete Building Structures Modeling, Industrial Building Structures Modeling,


Building Components

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Walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, columns, doors, windows, rooms and areas, Site modeling, Stairs and ramps, Railings, Structural walls, floor slab, Structural foundation wall and Isolated, Structural columns, beams, and braces, Slanted columns, Trusses, Steel connections, Reinforcement, rebar modeling

Structural Analytical Model


Structural Analytical Model automatically generated in the background, simultaneously with the Physical Model. As the Physical Model changes over time, the associated Structural Analytical Model is automatically updated


Architectural Load Model


ideCAD One automatically generates structural load assignment from your Architectural walls model for beams and slabs.


Design Codes

ideCAD One offers code-based design features for steel frame, steel connections, concrete frame, cold form steel.


Structural Analysis BIM

The Structural Analysis BIM features ideCAD One provides structural engineers with a 3D FEA that meets all requirements in Structural Engineering.

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Structural Design

Design of steel frames, concrete frames, concrete slabs, concrete shear walls, composite beams, and steel joists can be performed based on a variety of US and international design codes.


Performance-Based Design

Performance-Based Design is a major shift from traditional structural design concepts and represents the future of earthquake engineering. Performance-Based Design help assure that the design will reliably meet a desired level of performance during a given earthquake


Steel Connection Design

Steel connection design for welded and bolted structural steel connections and base plates. Shear and moment connections are designed and reported in accordance with AISC 360-16.


Construction Documents

Easily create and manage high-quality construction documentation.


Steel Detailing

Automatically create your Plan, Section, Views, Isometric Drawing, Column Assembly, Beam Assembly, Construction Drawings, General Arrangement Drawing, Truss Drawing, Scaffold Drawing


Connection Detailing

Model, analyze, design your steel buildings with connections, and create your steel connection details automatically.


Printout Reports

The printout report displays input data and results of structural analysis and design in a selected content with a table of contents.


Structural Visualization

Visualization of Building Information Model, Structural analysis, and design results are simple tasks in ideCAD One.


Structural Engineering Software

ideCAD Structural is a multidisciplinary, collaborative Structural Engineering Design Bim Software for better workflows.

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BIM Architecture Software

ideCAD Architectural is a multidisciplinary, collaborative Architectural Design Bim Architecture Software for better workflows.

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Construction Documents Software

ideCAD is a multidisciplinary, collaborative Construction Document Bim Software for better workflows.

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Building Information Modeling Bim Software


We mean it when we say, "Just as you planned"; One Bim Software, One Bim model, One Bim download, One revolutionary reason to switch.

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