Reinforced Concrete Detailing Software

ideCAD Reinforced Concrete Detailing Software automates your Structural Analysis, Structural Design, Reinforcement design, and reinforcement details. One Structural software does everything from Design to rebar detailing. Automatically create and organize all your reinforcement details for beam, slab, column, and foundation. 


All-in-One Reinforcement Detailing Software

Everything you need in Buildings for reinforcement detailing


Slab reinforcement Details, Column reinforcement Details, Beam reinforcement Details,  Foundation reinforcement Details, Shear Wall reinforcement Details 


 Automatically create reinforced concrete details.


Automate your placing drawings, fabrication details, bar bending schedules, and concrete quantity and material reports directly from your 3D BIM model, automatically updating to reflect model changes. 

You can reduce documentation production time, errors, and design flaws with advanced 3D BIM Tools for modeling, detailing, and scheduling reinforced concrete structures. 


One Structural Engineering Software,

One Building model,

One download,

One revolutionary reason to switch.

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Bim for Concrete Detailing

Automated Reinforcement Concrete, From Design to Detailing

ideCAD Concrete Detailing Software BIM Tools enables the transition from design to detailed models automating the process of making changes. Hence, they are less disruptive to the design process and Generate Concrete details automatically with 3D One BIM Model

Concrete General Arrangement


Beam Reinforcement Detailing


Column Reinforcement Detailing


Shear Wall Reinforcement Detailing


Concrete Formwork Plan


Architectural Drawings


Plans Elevations Sections


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We mean it when we say, "Just as you planned"; One Bim Software, One Bim model, One Bim download, One revolutionary reason to switch.

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