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Customized User-Defined Reports with ideCAD Structural can be created, and Font size and result units can be changed.

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Integrated Structural Engineering

Integrated Building Design for Structural Engineers and Architects
Integrated Building Design for Structural Engineers and Architects

ideCAD Structural is an All-in-One Structural Engineering Software with Integrated Architectural Design and many other Building Information Modeling tools.


All-in-One Structural Engineering Software,
Integrated Building Information Model,
Just One Download,  
One revolutionary reason to replace.

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Unit Systems

Seamless Switch Between Unit Systems; SI MKS and Imperial.

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Customized Style

Customized User-Defined Reports can be created. Report titles can be added or removed by selecting. Font size and result units can be changed. Analysis and design reports of any element can be created.

Report Generation

Analysis and design reports are generated automatically.

The printout report displays input data and structural analysis and design results in a selected customized format.


Reports can be viewed in ideCAD with live document navigation connected to the Structural Model

Import and Export

ideCAD can export reports to PDF format.

Structural Engineering with ideCAD

ideCAD Structural is Profesional Structural Engineering Software that Integrates Structural Engineering and Architecture with Building Information Modeling.

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Structural Analysis with ideCAD

Structural Analysis with ideCAD Structural is a Revolutionary Integrated Structural Analysis Software solution for Buildings.

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Architectural Design with ideCAD

ideCAD Architectural is Revolutionary Architectural Design Software that Integrates Architecture and Structural Engineering with Building Information Modeling.

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Integrated Design with ideCAD

We mean it when we say, "Just as you planned"; One AEC Software,
One Integrated Building Information Modeling,
One Download,
One revolutionary reason to switch.

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