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ideCAD One Structural Analysis software automates your analysis, design, and details.

One BIM software does it all, from Architecture to structural fabrication.

Automatically create and organize all your structural concrete, steel, and Connection design only with a single click from analysis to details.


All-in-One Structural Analysis Design and Detailing

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BIM for Structural Analysis and Design


Bim for Structural Analysis and design of steel frames, concrete frames, concrete slabs, concrete shear walls, composite beams,  and steel connections can be performed based on the various US and international codes.

Architectural Bim Model

Structural Analysis Software for Structures, Structural Engineering, and Structural Engineers: ideCAD Structural
Architects and Structural Engineers Work Together

ideCAD One includes integrated Architectural Structural automated workflows. Different disciplines work together with the Same BIM Model for creating, editing, analyzing, and designing together.


Structural Analytical Model

Dynamically update Architectural and Structural analytical models

ideCAD One automatically generates an analytical model from your physical model. Increase the reliability and accuracy of your model with seamless, bi-directional integration between Structural and Architectural BIM Models.


Automated Architectural Load


ideCAD One automatically generates structural load assignment from your Architectural walls model for beams and slabs.


Structural Load Assignment


Defining and Assigning additional loads gives to you more flexibility and freedom.

Seismic Analysis


Advanced Seismic Analysis and Design is a subset of ideCAD One Structural analysis features and is the calculation of the response of a building structure to earthquakes with earthquake code and standards including US, IBC, UBC

Time History Analysis


Time history analysis captures the step-by-step response of structures to seismic ground motion and other types of loading.

Eigen Vector Analysis


Eigen vector modal analysis finds the natural vibration modes of the structure, which can be used for understanding the behavior of the structure.

Ritz Vector Analysis


Modes are generated by taking into account the spatial distribution of the dynamic loading, which yields more accurate results than the use of the same number of natural mode shapes

Staged Construction


Time-dependent shrink and creep effects are included in the calculations of non-linear analysis according to CEB-FIB 1990. In favor of including these effects, dead load correction can be done in high-rise structures, which shows real moment capacity. In addition to these, after adding the canopy and covering, structure stability can be checked at any time.

Pushover Analysis


Pushover analysis features in ideCAD One include the hinge and fiber hinge option based on stress strain. The nonlinear layered shell element enables users to consider the plastic behavior of shear walls.



Using Global Buckling analysis, it can determine vulnerable parts of the structure and give an idea about the general behavior. Linear buckling modes can be found in any load combination, with it will enable users to analyze unstable parts of the structure.



T1 and T2 temperature loads can be added to the load case for designing the structure.

Direct Integration Time History


The direct-integration method is general and can handle large deformations and other highly nonlinear behavior.

Performance-Based Design


Performance-Based Design is a major shift from traditional structural design concepts and represents the future of earthquake engineering. Performance-Based Design help assure that the design will reliably meet a desired level of performance during a given earthquake. (Available only for some Codes)

Structural Risk Analysis


Structural risk analysis and evaluation reports will be prepared based on relevant codes and standards.

(Available only for some Codes)

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