Structural Analytical Model

ideCAD Structural Analytical Model BIM Tools is a part of Revolutionary All-in-One Architectural and Structural Engineering BIM collaboration Software for AEC Professionals to create architecture, 3D Modeling, analysis, design, and construction detailing documents.


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Bim for Structural Analytical Model

View, adjust, and manage the structural analytical model that ideCAD develops automatically while you develop the physical building model.

Architectural Bim Model

Architects and Structural Engineers Work Together

ideCAD One includes integrated Architectural Structural automated workflows. Different disciplines work together with the Same BIM Model for creating, editing, analyzing, and designing together.


Automated Architectural Load


Automated Structural wall load assign using the architectural Bim model for slabs and beams.


Structural Analytical Model


Structural Analytical Model automatically generated in the background, simultaneously with the Physical Model. As the Physical Model changes over time, the associated Structural Analytical Model is automatically updated

Structural Load Assignment


You can apply additional structural load assign if needed besides the automated architectural load.

Structural Members

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Rectangular, circular, trapezoidal, and general polygon sections can be used for reinforced concrete elements. The section library uses the circular, box, W, HD, IPN, IPE, HE, UPE, UPN, Angelina, and Castellated profiles for steel elements. With the section designer, new sections are created and you can combine the sections easily. Light steel profiles can be used in purlins and tie rods.

Shell Elements


In the modeling of slabs and walls which may also have gaps of various sizes, to determine the load transfer in their planes accurately, it can be modeled as shell finite elements containing 6 degrees of freedom for both in-plane and out-of-plane displacements and can have different in-plane and out-of-plane effective cross-sectional stiffnesses as specified in codes.

Wall Stacks


You freely draw walls and define the wall stack selecting the walls.

Flexible Diaphragms


You can analyze structures without diaphragms by modeling them as flexible with 3D frame members.

Rigid Diaphragm


Rigid diaphragm effects will be on the joint of the beam-column and areal object points.

Semi-Rigid Diaphragm


Semi-Rigid Diaphragm is used in cases that have irregularities. The purpose of this diaphragm is crucial for the stories affected by forces and to transmit these forces at the basement to shear walls.

State of the Art Meshing


State of the art meshing, Modern, reliable, powerful, and lightning-fast meshing including slab, column, beam, shear wall for the entire structure.

Architecture Software

ideCAD Architectural is a multidisciplinary, collaborative Architectural Design Bim Software for better workflows.

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ideCAD Structural is a multidisciplinary, collaborative Structural Engineering Design Bim Software for better workflows.

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Building Information Modeling Bim Software


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