Reinforced Concrete Design Software

ideCAD Structural Reinforced Concrete Design Software automates your analysis, reinforced concrete design, and reinforcement details.

One BIM software does everything from Architecture to structural detailing and fabrication.

Automatically create and organize all your reinforced concrete, structural steel, and Connection design only with a single click from analysis to details.


All-in-One Structural Analysis Design and Detailing

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BIM Software for Structural Design

Structural Design Software for Structures, Structural Engineering, and Structural Engineers: ideCAD Structural

Structural analysis and design Bim software for steel frames, concrete frames, concrete slabs, concrete shear walls, composite beams,  and steel connections can be performed based on various US and international design codes.

Structural Design Software for Steel Building


Integrated structural design software for steel building structures includes member size optimization and implementation of design codes. Profiles are designed according to the tension, compression, weak and strong axis bending, buckling, deflection, and combined effects.

Structural Design Software for Concrete Building

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Integrated structural design software for concrete Buildings with reinforcement area of steel bar calculations. Design based on strength and deformation-based design is used to model concrete and reinforcing steel more realistically by fibers.

Cold-Rolled Profiles Design


Structural analysis and design software for Purlins and sag-rods profiles are chosen based on bending and deflection.

Shear Wall Design


Structural analysis and design software for Shear wall design include reinforcing requirements for overturning and shear, demand/capacity calculations of defined reinforcement, international design codes, and comprehensive overwrite capabilities.

Wall Stacks Design


Structural analysis and design software for User-defined wall configuration help you define your wall section properties easily by drawing multilevel wall configurations in a single click.

Composite Beam Design


Including the construction phase of composite beam design, moment capacity will be found.

Composite Castellated Beam Design

Composite castellated beam design is realized by the AISC Design Guide 31 instructions. Considering the construction phase, the design bending moment strength is determined. Biaxial bending and axial, shear, vierendel, and web buckling controls are done automatically.

Castellated Beam Design


Compression, shear, vierendel, buckling and  biaxial bending controls are automatically done

Concrete Slab Design


Moment values calculated based on the Finite Element Method can be used to determine the real reinforcement ratio The minimum reinforcement requirements of the area, intensity, or the number of bars. The design will be performed at multiple stations.

Crane Beam Design


Crane beams are loaded based on MBMA 2010's chapter 2.5 and analyzed according to composite effects, shear, buckling, and deflection.

Foundations Design


Spread footing, coupling beam, deep foundations, and retaining walls are designed.

Steel Connection Design


Steel connection design software for welded and bolted structural steel connections and base plates

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FEM-Based Slab Design


The finite element-based design software Bim Tools does not require design strips. It is ideal for complex geometry where defining strips can be difficult.

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Performance Based Design


Performance-Based Design software represents the future of earthquake engineering and a major shift from traditional structural design concepts.

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Architecture Software

ideCAD Architectural is a multidisciplinary, collaborative Architectural Design Bim Software for better workflows.

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Structural Engineering Software

ideCAD Structural is a multidisciplinary, collaborative Structural Engineering Design Bim Software for better workflows.

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Construction Documents Software

ideCAD is a multidisciplinary, collaborative Construction Document Bim Software for better workflows.

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Building Information Modeling Bim Software


We mean it when we say, "Just as you planned"; One Bim Software, One Bim model, One Bim download, One revolutionary reason to switch.

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